You are all invited to participate in the BiCoQ seminar “Exploring collapsar scenarios in numerical relativity

Speaker: Professor Masaru Shibata (Max Planck Institute for Gravitational Physics)

Abstract: The collapsar model is the widely accepted model for explaining the central engine of long gamma-ray bursts. We performed neutrino-radiation viscous and magneto-hydrodynamics simulations in full general relativity for collapses of massive rotating stars which were obtained by stellar evolution calculation of Aguilera-Dena et al. Viscous-hydrodynamics simulations show the explosion of entire stars by the energy injection from massive and compact torus around the formed black hole. For massive progenitor stars, the explosion energy can be 1052 erg with the Ni production larger than 0.15 solar mass, which may explain a class of high-energy supernovae (e.g., broadlined type Ic supernovae). Magneto-hydrodynamics simulations show the jet launches by the Blandford-Znajek mechanism if a poloidal magnetic field that penetrates a spinning black hole is present. It is also shown that magneto-centrifugal effects associated with the black-hole spin can be the source of the stellar explosion with high explosion energy of 1052 erg.

Date/Time: Wednesday, 28th September 2023, 13:30

Location: U1, Aula Marchetti

BiCoQ Seminar (28/9/2023, 13:30) – Prof. Masaru Shibata